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Unlock the Power of Orthobiologics: Accelerate Healing and Restore Mobility

Curious about orthobiologics and how they work? These remarkable substances, expertly employed by Dr. Gentry, can revolutionize your recovery from musculoskeletal injuries. Whether you've experienced a fracture, sprain, or strain, your body relies on orthobiologics to access vital healing factors. These include growth factors, stem cells, and the matrix, all essential components in the rejuvenation process.

Growth Factors

Microscopic proteins found in your blood, growth factors play a critical role in accelerating the body's healing mechanisms and maintaining overall homeostasis. Think of them as the vitamins and minerals your body needs for optimal health.

Stem Cells

Possessing the incredible ability to transform into any type of cell, such as bone or blood cells, stem cells are ideal for repairing both hard and soft tissue injuries. Their unique properties make them invaluable in the healing process.


Acting as a reservoir, the extracellular matrix contains vital healing molecules like cytokines and growth factors. When a bone is broken or a muscle is torn, the matrix serves as a scaffold, facilitating the building process for other cells.


Wondering which musculoskeletal problems can benefit from orthobiologics? Dr. Gentry leverages these cutting-edge treatments to address a wide range of conditions, including fractures, ligament injuries, cartilage damage, joint injuries, and chronic degenerative conditions like osteoarthritis. While many minor issues respond well to noninvasive therapies like chiropractic care and massage, persistent or worsening symptoms may prompt Dr. Gentry to recommend orthobiologics.

So, what does orthobiologic treatment entail? This minimally invasive outpatient procedure begins with a thorough review of your medical records, symptoms, and a comprehensive physical exam. Additional diagnostic tests such as lab work or ultrasound imaging may be ordered to ensure accurate diagnosis. Once Dr. Gentry confirms that your injury can benefit from orthobiologics, he will develop a specific treatment plan for you and set up your appointment. The powerful combination of growth factors and human tissue allograft cells enhances blood circulation, reduces inflammation, and stimulates your body's innate healing processes.

Ready to explore the transformative potential of orthobiologics? Contact ChiroCare Therapy today to determine if these groundbreaking treatments are right for you. Take the first step towards faster healing and restoring your mobility with orthobiologics. Call us today to inquire!