Yessica Garcia LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Yessica Garcia, LMT

Meet Yessica Garcia, our incredibly talented massage therapist here at ChiroCare Therapy. Since joining our team in 2018, Yessica has been performing a range of massage modalities, including deep tissue, circulatory, sports, and lymphatic drainage massage. Her specialty, however, is deep tissue massage, where she uses trigger points to manipulate the muscles and relieve the body of tension.

Yessica recently received her certification in lymphatic drainage from Lymph Bright in 2022, adding yet another skill to her already impressive repertoire. In addition to traditional massage techniques, she also utilizes cupping and gua sha to relieve pain and tension. Yessica is incredibly knowledgeable and intuitive when it comes to the body and its movements. She has a keen ability to identify areas of tension and discomfort, and she can customize your massage to help fix any aches or pains you may be experiencing.

Yessica takes immense pride in being able to cater to her clients' unique needs, helping them to live more fulfilling lives and continue doing the activities they love without worry. Her education and experience are impressive, having attended Healing Hands in Laguna Hills and receiving her massage license in 2017. She also has an Associate's Degree in Kinesiology from Santa Ana Community College and is currently working towards her Bachelor's Degree to transition into Physical Therapy.

At ChiroCare Therapy, Yessica is an integral part of our team, and we are so lucky to have her expertise and passion for helping others. Come in and experience the magic of Yessica's healing hands for yourself!