Jeffrey Oppenheimer, MD

Plastic Surgeon in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Jeffrey Oppenheim, MD

Dr. Oppenheimer is a Board-Certified Neurosurgeon who currently
performs both spine surgeries and injections which include regenerative
medicine techniques. He obtained his BA cum laude from Cornell
University. Following this, Dr. Oppenheimer obtained an MS in
Biophysiology and Physics with distinction and an MD from the
Georgetown University School of Medicine. He completed a 6-year
Residency at the largest hospital in the USA, The University of Southern
California- Los Angeles County Medical Center. During his 33-year
career as a physician, he has written peer-reviewed journal articles, and a
chapter in a Neurosurgery textbook. In addition, he has spoken on
national television including Emergency 911, NBC news and the Sean
Hannity Radio program. He serves as assistant professor of
Neurosurgery at the University of Central Florida College. Dr
Oppenheimer has obtained additional certification by the American
Board of Independent Medical Examiners.